BackFlow Prevention Testing

Backflow prevention is vital in allowing for a clean, healthy and safe water supply. Backflow preventers disable the reverse flow of contaminated water to flow back into your local water supply. In following QBCC’s (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) compliance checklist, Blue Sky Plumbing will give you a backflow prevention test which will give you the peace of mind you want when using your water.

It’s important to understand the possibilities of contamination in your area. Anything has the possibility to get into your water supply. Contamination could come from:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Air-conditioning towers
  • Vehicle washing bays
  • Vehicle maintenance pits
  • Irrigation
  • Chemical injection areas
  • Fire hose reels

To give an example; if someone down the road from you has flushed an acid down a sink, and the water supply is turned off, there can be a danger of the acid flowing straight into your water supply; awaiting you the next time you take a drink.

Don’t take that risk!


Blue Sky Plumbing’s No. 1 priority is your safety. We have the expertise and qualifications to implement mechanisms in order to keep your water supply clean. Our team follows the criteria adhered by QBCC and the local council. We even send through a written report of our test findings to make sure that we are code compliant. This means when you turn your tap on next, you can be sure it’s clean and safe to use.

If you’re unsure whether your facility needs a Backflow prevention test, here’s the kind of properties we have found mostly affected by contamination back flow:

  • Real Estate homes
  • Hotels
  • Retail shopping centres
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Dry-cleaners & laundries
  • Day care centres & kidergartens
  • Schools
  • Mobile water-carrying vehicles
  • Medical & dental surgeries

How Do Your Backflow Prevention Services Work?

Our team will test each water valve and place a gauge over it, testing the quality of water flowing through it. If it doesn’t pass the test for whatever reason, our team will simply offer to repair the valve for you.

Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you feel that a backflow prevention test may be necessary for you, call (07) 5497 0443 and we will be more then able to discuss our service further and give you an on the spot quote.